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Last Chance Distilling


Last Chance Distilling

At Last Chance Distilling, we are committed to producing high quality spirits (gin, bourbon and rye) in the Methow Valley. Our tasting room and production space is in Twisp, WA where visitors can sample our products and learn about the distilling process.

Last Chance Distilling is named after Last Chance Point which sits at 7049' elevation at the head of the Methow Valley. It shares its name with Last Chance Saloon, which was an old backcountry watering hole for miners in the early 1900s. It seemed only fitting to keep that tradition alive.

GUNN RANCH GIN: We hand macerate our unique botanical blend to extract essential oils/aromas and then soak them overnight in our gin still, Ginny (named after Virginia Ridge). We then distill this botanical blend, carefully monitoring temperatures, alcohol percentage and taste. We make cuts throughout the run as the botanical oils are vaporized and the flavors change in the distillate. Once the run is complete, we taste, blend and proof to our desired ABV using the amazing Methow Valley water. We then bottle and label by hand to create Gunn Ranch Gin, a London Dry Style gin at 47%ABV.

BUCK MOUNTAIN BOURBON: As a micro distillery, we artfully blend 3yr old and 5yr old Kentucky Bourbons to our own specification. Our Buck Mountain Bourbon is a Straight Bourbon Whiskey, blended and proofed to 48%ABV, then hand bottled and labeled.

RAVEN RIDGE RYE: Coming July 2024
We are working to procure a new whiskey still, and will work with Bluebird Grains and OSB to develop unique mash bills that we will ferment and distill in house. Because of federal regulations, that process will take us over 2 years to produce a final product. Stay tuned!

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